Montclair Public Library: Open Book / Open Mind with Liana Finck, “How to Baby”

4:00pm - 5:30pm
Montclair Public Library- Main Building

Don’t miss another great author event at the library!

Liana Finck, a New Yorker cartoonist, discusses her hilarious illustrated memoir of parenthood with Mira Jacob, another well-loved graphic memoirist and mother. After the discussion, there will be a Q&A period and a book signing and sale with Watchung Booksellers.

“It’s a parody of books on how to parent an infant—older books that told you it was going to be beautiful and easy and didn’t mention anything difficult. I found them hilarious. Parenthood isn’t something that you need to trick people into, and those books felt ripe for making fun of. I’m also parodying the books that say parenthood is a horrible, difficult slog…I want to give companionship to readers: a means to vent their own feelings, whatever those are, even if they can’t be articulated.”—Liana Finck, Publishers Weekly