Montclair History Center’s Nubian Heritage Quilters Honoring Our Heritage: One Stitch at a Time – Demonstrations

12:00pm - 3:00pm
Crane House & Historic YWCA

The Nubian Heritage Quilters Guild (NHQG) celebrates their 29th Anniversary with a much-anticipated quilt exhibit “Honoring Our Heritage: One Stitch at a Time” at the Montclair History Center’s Crane House & Historic YWCA Museum this June.  In addition to a variety of a quilting styles, NHQG will present quilts and wall hangings that showcase patchwork, applique, collage and abstract textiles.  Additional special exhibits include.  Legacy of Black Mermaids, African American Suffragists, African Gala, Mardi Gras Masks, NHQG Retreat, Unique Pincushions, African Village. In lieu of regular tour admission prices, suggested donations of $5 per visitor will be honored.

The exhibit schedule includes:

  • June 8th & 9th opening weekend from 12 to 3 pm

  • June 15th and 16th workshops and demonstrations for families from 12 to 3 pm

The exhibit will remain on view every Sunday through July 14th from 12 to 3 pm. At Crane House & Historic YWCA, 110 Orange Road, Montclair.

NHQG was established to document and preserve the rich heritage of African American quilting.  Since its founding in 1995, the Guild has provided quilters in our community with a forum for sharing ideas, encouraged and revitalized their knowledge of the craft. The Guild restored a sense of African American history and culture through its distinctive quilting traditions.  Over the years, the Guild has provided quilters of different generations with a forum in which learning from the past is connected to the task of building for the future. Above all, the Guild is committed to preserving the tradition of African American quilting by passing it from generation to generation. For additional information, please visit the website http://www.nubianquilters.org