Yoga Mechanics: Sound Bath Healing + Gentle Yoga

5:00pm - 6:30pm
Yoga Mechanics
Tibetan Brass Bowls and Gentle Souls: Yoga Mechanics and Synaesthetic Studio Present: Gentle Yoga and Sound Bath Performance Nourish and relax your nervous system with gentle yoga and a healing vibrations performance from Michael Browne and Lauren Hemley. This evening of movement and music will feature a short, gentle yoga practice led by co-owner Annette followed by a 45-minute sound bath* including Tibetan brass bowls, tuning forks, and more to create a relaxing meditation experience unlike any other. Save your seat today! *New to sound baths? A sound bath is an experience where a trained practitioner plays musical instruments to relax the body and calm the mind. Attendees listen while lying down, usually with closed eyes. Explore potential benefits including relaxation, stress reduction, and improved sleep. A sound bath may activate your body’s natural healing through your parasympathetic nervous system.** Sound baths can also be called “sound healing” or “sound therapy”. “Sound healing can be traced back to the ancient days of Tibetan monks that utilized brass bowls in their prayer work and meditation. It takes the vibrations of the singing bowls and harnesses its natural healing power to calm the mind, body and spirit. It also enhances any meditation practice.” **The autonomic nervous system has two components, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system functions like a gas pedal in a car. It triggers the fight-or-flight response, providing the body with a burst of energy so that it can respond to perceived dangers. The parasympathetic nervous system acts like a brake. It promotes the “rest and digest” response that calms the body down after the danger has passed. Join us for just $40 This workshop is not included in regular memberships or class cards. Financial Assistance is Available. Reach out to info@yogamechanics.com with any questions.