East Side Mags: Erica Schultz / Rat City #1 Signing

2:00pm - 5:00pm
East Side Mags

Erica Schultz has been our favorite champion of indie comics with amazing titles like M3, Deadliest Bouquet and Bylines in Blood.

She’s rocked franchise books like Xena, Charmed and Swords of Sorrow.

And then 2023 hit and she EXPLODED into the Big 2 with Marvel’s Hallow’s Eve! Then she tackled X-23 with X-23 Deadly Regenesis! Then the books just started flowing out like a dam had been broken with Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, What If?..Dark Moon Knight #1 and Daredevil Gang War – not to mention her appearance in Women of Marvel #1!

NOW – Erica takes the leap into Rat City – Image’s Spawn 2099 – about an ex-soldier/amputee that gains the powers of Spawn due to Al’s actions in the past that unknowingly set Peter Cairn (our future Spawn) on a whole new path as a Hellspawn of his own!

Erica will be at East Side Mags on 4/13 from 2pm-5pm. They’re will be copies of Rat City #1 on hand for customers to purchase as well as a boatload of other comics she’s worked on too!