East Side Mags’ Sky Franka AKA Royal Sky Appearance

2:00pm - 6:00pm
East Side Mags

The legacy continues as we go for the record and host every member of the Frank family that will have us!

Meet Skye Frank aka Royal Skye! Daughter of the Dragon himself – Jason David Frank aka Tommy Oliver aka the OG Green Ranger – and up and coming hip hop aritst!

We’re honored to host Skye, in memory of her father, and can’t wait for you to meet her too! She’s super talented, super nice and super stoked to meet you too!

The signing starts at 2pm and she’ll hang until the last fan standing – just like her old man did when he was here.

She’ll have prints, holograms, t-shirts and more to sign. We’ll also have prints, pins and mini-mates figures of the Green Ranger that JDF signed when he was here that you can have Skye sign as well!

There are NO TICKETS for this event. It’s first come, first served so get here early to get your spot in line to meet the illustrious Royal Skye at East Side Mags!