FITloft Montclair: Sunset Social + Cold Plunge Challenge with Tracy Lee

6:00pm - 8:30pm

🌊❄️ Are You Ready to Take the Plunge? ❄️🌊

Think you have what it takes to brave the cold? 💪 Join FITloft for the ultimate test of endurance and mental strength with our 2-Minute Cold Plunge Challenge! 🥶✨

📅 Date: JULY 11th
📍 Location: FITloft Montclair
🕑 Time: 6:15pm-8:15pm

Why take the plunge?
❄️ Boosts your immune system
❄️ Reduces muscle soreness
❄️ Enhances recovery
❄️ Increases mental toughness

Tag a friend who should take on this challenge with you and let’s see who can last the longest! ⏱️

This is going to be a FUN event!


Traditionally, cold therapy has been performed by athletes in an effort to enhance post-workout recovery, today it is embraced by celebrities, biohackers and health and wellness enthusiasts, worldwide to increase longevity and overall well being.

The Leader in the Cold Therapy movement, WIM HOF, has created a three-pillar approach to improving health and performance that involves mindfulness, breathwork and cold therapy. We walk you step-by-step through the pillars in our Wellness Experience.

What to expect: This will be a 2-hour immersion that starts with a guided meditation, a little breathwork, and with a 2-minute cold plunge. Afterwards, enjoy drinks, light bites, music and time spent with your local community.