Geo Foundation 5K Walk/Run at Brookdale Park

8:00am - 11:00am
Brookdale Park

Join us for a day of togetherness, fun, and healthy movement outdoors. Come as a group or as an individual and raise funds for our cause (see below for more) This event will be an officially timed event. 5K is roughly 3 laps around the park. Walkers will do one lap, runners will do all three. We will have runners start their race first, followed by walkers. We will have food and refreshments available at both the beginning and end of the event.

More about Geo Foundation and our cause:

The Geo Foundation honors George “Geo” Batikha and the many youth and young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer. All proceeds will go towards our two programs:

  1. Community Fund: Scholarships awarded to promising youth who champion our cause
  2. Family Assistance Fund: Direct grants provided to families who have a child going through cancer

Although cancer patients get a lot of support when it comes to chemotherapy and other pharmaceutical pathways to better health, they are often left to fend for themselves when it comes to rebuilding their personal lives.​

Fear, doubt, pain, and many other forms of suffering take grip on a cancer patient’s life. This can prevent them from keeping their life on track, or getting theirselves onto a better course towards healing.

The Geo Foundation’s aim is to be the helping hand they need.