Make Your Own St Patricks Day Hot Chocolate Bombs

7:00pm - 8:30pm
The MC Hotel, Autograph Collection

Feeling the luck of the Irish and a craving for something sweet? Join the MC Hotel in Montclair, NJ, for a festive and fun “Make Your Own St. Patrick’s Day Hot Chocolate Bombs” workshop!

This interactive experience is perfect for families, friends, and anyone seeking a delicious and creative way to celebrate the holiday.

Craft 3 magical hot chocolate bombs: Choose from milk, white, or dark chocolate for your base and fill them with rich hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows.

Unleash your inner artist: Decorate your bombs with festive chocolate drizzle, shamrock sprinkles, and other St. Patrick’s Day-themed goodies.
Expert guidance: A friendly chocolatier will lead you through the process, ensuring your bombs are both beautiful and delicious.

Sweet treats and festive sips: Enjoy a specially curated menu of dishes and drinks at the renowned MC Hotel Allegory restaurant.

Take home your treasures: Bring home your 3 handcrafted hot chocolate bombs to enjoy later or share with loved ones.

Make them Boozey: Participants can request pipettes to add to their hot chocolate bombs. Pipettes can be filled with your favorite liquor to make the hot chocolate bomb a boozy bomb!

Limited spots available! Book your tickets today and create unforgettable memories at the MC Hotel’s St. Patrick’s Day Hot Chocolate Bomb Workshop!