Sock Puppet Making Workshop

5:00pm - 6:30pm
The Eclectic Chic Boutique

Bring your creativity to life! Learn to make a charming sock puppet with Dabbling Brook. This beginner-friendly class is perfect for teens and adults. In this small group setting, you’ll receive personalized instruction and make your own sock puppet and learn how to breathe life into it. Give your creation the gift of movement! No prior experience necessary!

What you will discover:

* Craft your own original puppet: Learn the secrets to crafting a beautiful and functional sock puppet.
* Bring your puppet to life: Master the art of puppet manipulation and movement.
* Storytelling through puppetry: Discover how to imbue your puppet with personality and develop a captivating performance.

Why this workshop is for you:

* Unleash your creativity: Explore puppetry and bring a character to life through the magic of scarf marionettes!
* Perfect for beginners: No prior experience needed, this class is designed for teens and adults of all skill levels.
* Small group setting: Get personalized attention from a professional puppeteer and create your own unique puppet.