Unlucky Rabbit’s Mole Taxidermy Class

1:00pm - 5:00pm
Unlucky Rabbit

Lead by Katie of Afterlife Anatomy, students will embark on a unique journey into the world of taxidermy with our Mole Taxidermy class.** This hands-on course is designed to teach students the intricate techniques of preparing, preserving, mounting, and positioning animals to create stunning and lifelike displays. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, aspiring artist, or simply curious about the art of taxidermy, this class provides a fascinating and educational experience.

Course Highlights:

  1. Preparation and Preservation: Learn the essential steps of preparing and preserving animal specimens, ensuring a lasting and realistic appearance.
  2. Mounting and Positioning: Dive into the art of mounting and positioning animals using basic armatures, giving your creations a natural and dynamic presence.
  3. Head Form Carving: Master the skill of carving head forms to accurately recreate the intricate details of an animal’s facial features.
  4. Molding Techniques: Explore the proper methods for molding items at home, allowing you to continue your taxidermy journey beyond the workshop.
  5. Creative Expression: Encouraged to bring in props, students can add a personal touch to their creations by dressing up the animals in imaginative ways.
  6. All-Inclusive Experience: Everything you need for the class is provided – from specimens and materials to tools. No prior experience is necessary, making it accessible for all skill levels.
  7. Take Home Your Masterpiece: Each student will leave the workshop with their own finished mount, proudly displaying the skills they’ve acquired throughout the course.

Join us in this one-of-a-kind workshop where art, science, and nature converge, allowing you to unlock the secrets of taxidermy and create pieces that capture the beauty of the animal kingdom. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of preservation and artistic expression with our Mole Taxidermy Class.

Class size is limited to 8 students per class for each student to receive maximum step-by-step attention from the instructor to get the best end result. There is no photography, video, or audio recording allowed during class, but taking photos of your finished work is permitted when the class is over. Notebooks are encouraged for those who like to take notes.

** All of the specimens used in our classes have not been harmed for the purpose of taxidermy.

The class is approximately 4 hours long. Those who are 15 minutes or later to the class will not be able to join the class. There are no refunds for classes and no rescheduling for students who cancel, miss, or are too late to their class. There is a $50 rescheduling fee if you need to reschedule 48 hours or more before the class start time. *Please include your Full Name, Email Address and Phone Number in the Comment Section of the checkout*

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