Women’s Circle: Reflections on Longing at Yoga Mechanics

6:30pm - 8:30pm
Yoga Mechanics

Circles is a monthly gathering that brings women together in a safe space. Yoga Mechanics invites participants to explore and reflect on a new theme every month. New participants welcome! —- Join Connie the day after the new moon to contemplate our desires. What do you yearn for, and how do you respond to these feelings? Together we will create rituals that set our intentions for this next season, guided by our deepest longings. They recommend bringing a journal or a notebook and a symbol that resonates with you in line with this month’s theme. A picture, tchotchke, or anything that means abundance to you is perfect. —– This series is for any identifying woman looking to connect with herself in new ways. Not sure what to expect during our meeting? Be ready to circle up with other identifying women to discuss how you strive to grow. With Connie’s guidance, we will honor your intentions through rituals designed to connect you to yourself, this moment, and each other. Be prepared to walk away with a rejuvenated spirit and an empowered being; fresh and connected to living life fully this spring season! Join for $35. This series is not included in regular memberships or class cards. Financial Assistance is Available. Reach out to info@yogamechanics.com with any questions.

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